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brown. it is monday may 14th. thank you for watching "fox friends first. >> the trading blunder at our nations largest bangs. three of the heist ranking executives at jp more january chase are stepping down later today. one of the heist ranking women on wall street she is a 30-year-old veteran of jp morgan who served as a chief investment officer. joining us live from washington with more details on this is kelly wright. hi, kelly. >> good morning to you. heads will begin to role as you mentioned at jp morgan. the company's $2 billion loss could begin as early as today. as the fallout continues jp morgan ceo is trying to control the damage acknowledging the company's loss but stating everyone in business makes mistakes. diamond says jshg p morg-- jp mn has done nothing wrong. >> we know they were sloppy and know we were wrong. regulators should look at something like this. we are open to regulators and they will come to their own conclusion. we plan to fix it learn from it and be a better company when it is done. >> dimon supports 70 percent of the dodd that's the 2010 law that is pass
♪ >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i am heather cheryleds. >> i am patti ann browne. >> explosive back-to-back testimony could begin in the corruption trial of john edwards. the presidential candidate himself could take the stand. good morning. >> could get very interesting heather. they are indicating their case is winding down. they aren't saying if they plan to call him or his mistress to take the stand this morning. it is uncertain whether edwards will testify. that would open him up to examination by the prosecution. he admitted he lied about inch of this case including fathering rielle hunter's child. a greater unknown is hunter. she is remained largely unseen and unheard than conducting a handful of interviews about two years ago. she was listed as a potential witness but did not testify. of the three she is most likely to take the stand and defend her dad who is facing 30 years in prison. he's charged with using campaign cash to hide his mistress and their love child from the rest of the world. >> might be putting on his daut tore show the mind set of the edw
browne. we start this morning with the passing of a music legend. a oo donna summer losing her battle with lung cancer at 53 years old. her anthems like this one became the sound track of the disco era. ♪ >> for more on the life and legacy let's go to mary ann raf pert. >> stars like gloria estefan all taking to twitter this morning to express their grief and shock on her passing. summer was one of the founding stars of this kiss go a-- disco. she won five grammy awards in dance, rock, r&b and inspirational. she had a record 19 number one dance hits in her career including her break out smash "love to love you baby." ♪ oo >> her stardom rocketed after that. she performed live on american idol back in 2008. ♪ flu>> summer as last big conc came in late 2010. her passing coming as a true shock since she never publicly revealed she even had lung cancer. even now surprising she believes she may have contracted the disease after inhaling toxic particles following the attacks on 9-11. she eventually moved out of manhattan for the very reason. she is survived her husband and three adult
♪ >> good morning everyone. i am patty ann brown. >> thank you for joining us. i am heather childers. it is tuesday may 15th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". how do you apologize for a $2 billion mistake? ask chairman jamie mim -- dimon. kelly riwright live for us with details. >> jp morgan will hold the annual shareholder's meeting. the shareholders will have a lot of questions about the circumstances surrounding that loss of $2 billion with a capit capital b. jamie dimon appears to be safe in his job. he ak mojed management mistakes did occur. he does not believe the company die vat -- violated any laws. they are stirring up the debate over the reform legislation signed the president in 2010. many republicans want to rollback or some of the law including the trading rules claiming they are burdensome and will limit lending in a weak economy. the democrats would like to tighten up the regulations and do more. jamie dimon says the company was sloppy, stupid and used bad management. they fought against any regulations is stating regulators should look into this
should be brown naturally. if they are adding natural colors in it not a good choice. >> see if they are adding color. >> if it says whole wheat and starts out with whole wheat. finally the soy products. soy is good generally unless you have thyroid disease or something when you shouldn't be eating it. sometimes the processed soy causes hormone problems. this is soy in its natural version. >> thank you for joining us this morning. you can follow nicky on twitter and she is a friend at fox friends first also on twitter. >>> earlier in the show we asked you to brew on this an honor student working two jobs to support her family only to be jailed for missing too much class. we asked you this. was the punishment by this judge over the line or just fine? kierding to our facebook poll 95 percent of you said yes and here are other responses. >> some say way over the line. charles blake more tweeted us clearly the student needed empathy and a helping hand from the judge. not a good precedent. keep the comments coming. it is 6 minutes before the hour. you may want to think twice about
found governor sherry brown and arnold schwarzenegger used a combined $3 millions to put a patch on the state's budget deficit. then the legislator used millions more on issues like workplace safety and livestock diseases. only a tiny fraction has gone toward scholarships and 40 percent to counter-terrorism training. this is an insult to the memory of those who died. we contacted california department of motor vehicles this is what they said. quote everyone who applied for a 9-11 scholarship received one and has money in the account dedicate to do that purpose. to receive the greatest accountability they have directed the office of state audit and evaluations to review the funding for all special interest license plates. later on stewart barney will be here to comment and talk more about the issue. >> back over to you heather. >> quite a story. >>> you think you are giving your money to one thung a-- thi they take it. >> it is now 26 after the top of the hour. justin bieber facing jail time? new developments over his alleged confrontation with paparazzi. are you obsessed with you
brown is following this investigation very closely. she joins us with the latest. >> police are on the hunt this morning for this man adam maze. the 35-year-old is accused of abducting maze and her daughter. maze knew joanne's husband and was like an you think toll the girl. he was seen at their home the night they went missing. those two bodies have not yet been identified. they are stepping up their search for the families. >> oo not going to give up and go away. >>> police say maze may have cut his hair and possibly cut and died the girl's hair to disguise their identities. ainsley. >> 10 minutes after the hour. a stunner in france where voters elected a socialist president. what does it mean for more money? lauren simonetti will break it down next. >> oprah's network could be yanked off the air within a year? we will tell you about it. careful, pringles are bursting with more flavor. [ crunches ] mmm. ♪ [ male announcer ] pringles... bursting with more flavor. [ crunch! ] >> announcer: meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card, and so does bill, an identi
browne. >> i am heather childers. >> mitt romney picking up an endorsement for the president. george bush saying i am for romney he made the announcement after a speech in how man rights. it's the first time he weighed in on romney. george h. w. bush is already backing romney. free o.j. simpson. he is serving time in nevada but a lawyer is pushing for his release and a new trial. he claims he had bad legal representation during his 2008 trial. he he was convicted of kid naggen and armed robbery after a sports memorabilia. he only wanted to recover personal photos and mementos. >> talk about transparency the salaries of federal workers revealed on-line. a web site data universe dt come exposing the 2011 salaries and bonuses for a million federal employees. it was turned over. >>> students were caught buying soda during their lunch hour. what's wrong with that? federal law only allows schools to sell carbon ated drinks before lunch in an attempt to cut down on childhood obesity. it is contradictory especially since they are allowed to sell ice cream. they will have to pay the fines using th
>> good morning everyone. i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather childers. it is thursday, may 17th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> sad news, the estranged wife of robert kennedy junior died of an apparent suicide. ainsley is here with all of the details. >> mary richardson kennedy just 52 years old she reportedly hanged herself in a barn behind her bedford mansion. here's a picture of the house. a housekeeper found her body. she was a former architect and had a history of drug and alcohol abuse including two arrests of driving under the influence in 2010. she was depressed and despondent and had mounting money problems and was having difficulty with the end of her mare waj rfk. they were married for 16 years and had four children together before he filed for divorce back in 2010. but it wasn't until he started dating actress cheryl heinz that mary apair raently went off the deep end according to her friend. the kennedy family said mary quote inspired our family with her kindness, love, gentle soul and gentle spirit. robert arrived at the house late last night look
. >> welcome back to fox and friends first. i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather childers. 29 after the top of the hour. joe biden the big talker this morning. the vice president bought this at the rid during a speech yesterday. >> yes. and he p didn't back down. he doubled down on those comments. >> look, i said it yesterday and i will say it more calmly today, i don't think these guys understand us. and i am including us because we come from the same kind of background. if i wasn't joe biden came out of lines with a lunch bucket in my hand. i was a normal middle class kid with a father with a high school education and worked like hell. the thing that i recent i have to tell you, is a lot of romney supporters say we are engaging in klassen sri, healt -- class wealth henenvy. like my mom and dad didn'ting dream we would become a millionaire, one of our kids would be president. my mom and dad didn't dream one of their kids could invent t --t the new new thing. what do they think we think? our household? what do they think makes us tick? >> bill o'reilly not happy with his comments. in the ta
they own pizza hut, taco bell. look out for woodford reserve and brown foreman. churchill downs it's a publicly traded company as well. these are companies to watch on the stock market. >>> what about news from the box office, harry potter knocked off? >> not yet. the fans are assembled for the avengers. it has done really woefrl seas. it is debuting this week. may give harry potter a run for his money. $169 million that's a tall order for the first time on the box office. >> could knock off batman. >> harry potter may cast a spell. >> may take a lot to beat them. >>> the time now is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up the diaries of a monster. the brand new details from inside the mind of osama bin laden. for the very first time we are hearing from the ceo of spirit airlines. he says the veteran who is too sick to fly because he has terminal cancer doesn't deserve a dime. before we go to break we wanted to let you know we have made it easier and faster on facebook. go to that and twitter as well at fox friends first. or fox friendsfirst@fo
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)

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